Payroll Processing & HR Management

Payroll processing and HR management is a highly complex task for most small businesses due to the various compliance requirements in India. Most startups and small businesses do not have well established HR systems and processes leading to challenges in hiring top talents, retaining good employees and building a productive workplace culture.

As a growing business you already have a lot on plate. Our experts will help you streamline your Payroll processing, PF, ESI, Bonus, Gratuity, Wages compliance & Recruitment process as well Employee’s background verification hassle-free and leave you with ample time and resources to focus on your core business. Plus this will lead you to increase operating efficiency and minimize the costs. We can dedicatedly support your business in complete HR solutions from employee hire to retire.

We are offering our services in very reasonable prices and provide our designated employees support fully at your services in different segments without using your office or company’s infrastructure.

Our Team comprises of Experts such as experienced MBAs in HR and Compliances, Chartered Accountants, Company Secretary including sector specific technically qualified pool of professionals. By outsourcing payroll and HR management to Advice House, you can enjoy stress and error-free payroll cycle every month, knowing it has been done by the experts. Also, our HR Experts can help you implement world-class HR processes in your organisation from day one to support the growth of the business.