Internal Financial Controls (IFCR/SOX)

Internal Financial Control

The 2013 Companies Act marks a major step towards raising the bar on corporate governance in India. The Companies Act has re-emphasised the importance of a robust internal controls environment by introducing the term ‘Internal Financial Controls’, and by casting specific responsibilities on the Board, Audit committee, Management as well as the Auditors.

How Advice House can help you

Potential benefits that can be derived from IFC

  • Enhance governance framework 
  • Defines clear accountability and transparency 
  • Controls automation 
  • Reduction in number of surprises 
  • Streamline/standardise controls 
  • Opportunity to plug leakages/potential frauds

Why is Advice House suited to be your chosen team to work with?

Demonstrated expertise: Advice House has significant experience in carrying out IFC engagements for clients across diversified businesses. We have a team of professionals with the right skills and experience to cater to your requirements.

Knowledge expert: We have extensive knowledge of the typical nature of exceptions noted during audit by professionals which can aid us to identify red flags for remediation at an early stage.

Ready tools and templates to hit the ground running: Advice House’s ready process frameworks and methodologies help reduce design andimplementation lead time to shorten the implementation life cycle. We can help develop a repository of controls and tests which can be easily relied upon. Integrated services proposition: Advice House is positioned in a way to provide a wide span of services that are smoothly integrated: Organisation, Process, risks and controls (including fraud and Information Technology aspects). Thus, we provide the client with thorough implementation assistance.